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From Cook to Professional Chef

A compilation of recipes, variations on master recipes, and information on food handling and menu planning created for those who are fascinated by cuisine and food science.

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Become the Chef You Were Meant to Be
  Chef Ben Diaz is gathering the world’s most innovative culinary ideas and top chefs – and he wants you to join them at the table!  

ChefBenDiaz.com was created to serve the culinary community. Here, you can learn new culinary techniques, discover unfamiliar ingredients, explore exotic recipes.

My goal is to transform you into to a culinary savant. Whether you’re a student, an aspiring restaurateur, or the sous chef of your own home, you’ll find something here to elevate your cooking to a higher level.

So dig in and bon appetit!

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  Chef Ben has the great ability to light up a room, he is a real inspiration to many culinary enthusiast; its a great honor to have worked along side him."

Celebrity Chef Tommy Tang
PBS Cooking Thai with Tommy Tang

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